Bireuen Police Chief Reports Performance Results and Handling Law Enforcement in 2019

Bireuen – Bireuen Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Gugun Hardi Gunawan, SIK, M.Si in a press conference held at the local Mapolres, Tuesday, December 31, 2019 explained that in 2019 the highest number of accidents that occurred in the Bireuen police jurisdiction.

At least 73 people were declared dead, 9 people suffered serious injuries, and 1049 others were slightly injured. Call the Police Chief.

He added, the latest data, the most accident victims were housewives, 197 people. While there were 159 students, and the highest number of locations was in Peusangan District with 124 cases and 108 cases in Juang City.

Of that amount, 762 cases have been handled by the Satlantas Bireuen with material losses of Rp. 349,400,000, with settlement of 687 cases.

Likewise, various Activities in 2019, his party has succeeded in building or renovating the Bireuen Regional Police Office for assistance from the Bireuen District Government for the welfare of its members. And also the Bireuen Police Station housing complex has been built at the Paya Kareng location, Peusangan Subdistrict, Matanggelumpangdua, Bireuen Regency.

The housing he continued, about 93 units from type 36 also type adjusted to the request of members of the Bireuen Regional Police, every Friday Women’s Police (Polwan) invites people to pray at the mosque.

In 2019 the Bireuen Regional Police also succeeded in arresting perpetrators of crimes such as theft with violence against cigarette box cars, Abu Razak group, and including the arrest of Yahdi in Peusangan Matang Glumpang Dua Bireuen District.

The Police Chief said, in 2019 we also made many safeguards such as demonstrations, elections, the inauguration of the Regional House of Representatives, Regency Anniversary, Mate Sate Festival, and international cultural arts festivals, including securing the Free Aceh Movement Milad and trail sports activities , exploring Bireuen, Central Aceh and Bener Meriah Regencies.

“Alhamdulillah, thanks to the collaboration of the community and related elements of the Bireuen Regional Police succeeded in also revealing 77 cases of narcotics, including 5,143.72 grams of methamphetamine, and 58,445.45 grams of cannabis drug. While the Corruption Case that has been in P21 at the Bireuen Health Office, “he explained the police chief.

The Kapolres continued on January 8, 2020 that 2,200 tree seedlings would be planted, the police chief of Bireuen AKBP Gugun Hardi Gunawan, SIK, M.Sc.

In a press conference at the end of 2019 Bireuen Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Gugun Hardi Gunawan, SIK, M.Si were accompanied by Kasat then Bireuen Iptu Sandy Titah Nugraha SIK, Bireuen Criminal Investigator Iptu Risky Kholiddiansyah, and Kasat Bireuen Mireuen Mir, SH. )


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