Chairperson of the Sharia and Law Faculty Institute of UIN Ar-Raniry Declated Ikbal Afzal as Chair of the FSH DEMA

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Banda Aceh – Most of the Student Organizations (Ormawa) in the Faculty of Sharia and Law at the Ar-Raniry State Islamic University (FSH UIN) feel cheated by the democratic system adopted in the results of the Great Council Conference (Mubes) which has been determined by the Presidium of the Session regarding the election of the chairman of the institution Faculty of Sharia and Law, Wednesday (01/01/2020).

Most of the Ormawa alliance in the Faculty of Sharia and Law consisting of Family Law Student Association (HMPS) Student Association, HMPS Islamic Criminal Law, HMPS Constitutional Law and HMPS Legal Studies expressed the attitude of rejection of the results of the unilateral Mubes stating the death of the Prospective Student Governor of FSH namely Ikbal Afzal.

They conveyed their rejection in the agenda of the Press conference at UIN Ar-Raniry and expressed disappointment at the results of the FSH Headquarters determined by the Session Presidium. According to them, in the case of the Governor’s Mubes there was a suspicion of a one-sided political game from the Session Presidium that took place at one of the largest faculties on the Ar-Raniry UIN campus.

“Our alliance feels cheated and treated unfairly and improperly in the Mubes session. Even though the agreed rules of the Governor’s Office must be more than 50 people or 50 + 1, the Session Presidium violated these rules and continued the Governor’s Office without us in the special forum. In this case, we 4 out of a total of 6 institutions in the faculty, reject the results of the cheating Presidium of the Session! “, Said the Chairperson of the Family Law HMP, Ikhwan Karazi Alsabi to the media crew.

Furthermore, the HMP on Constitutional Law, led by Jumadil, stated its attitude to support Ikbal Afzal as the legitimate Student Governor and condemned the foul democracy established by the Presidium of the National Conference, SEMA and the KPR Committee (Grand Election Commission).

“We condemn and reject the rotten democracy of the Session Presidium, KPR and SEMA, we 4 out of a total of 6 institutions in the Faculty of Sharia and Law still declare Ikbal Afzal as the legitimate Student Governor and reject the results of the unilateral and fraudulent MOU.

“When it comes to justice, even though on December 26, 2019 yesterday it was very clear, which should be in accordance with the Statutes / By-Laws. If the member of the congress does not reach 50% + (plus) 1, then the forum must be suspended. This has happened on both sides. When it happened on the candidate pair 02 on December 27, 2019. KPR and SEMA postponed the congress until more in the regulations, whereas when it happened the same as on candidate pair 01 on the 31st why KPR and SEMA could continue according to the regulations? “, Said Jumadil.

“The KPR should act fairly in holding positions as an independent and professional commission! Because the success of an election is due to the KPR itself, instead of making a fuss and inconsistency in the selection mechanism “, he stressed.

Then Iqbal Maulana as Chairman of the Law Science HMP, said that they wanted openness from the Mubes committee and officials of institutions in the Faculty of Sharia and Law related to this major problem.

“We emphasize that this problem must be resolved and not protracted! If this problem cannot be solved, then we will sue to the roots of who is behind this problem. Our democracy is castrated, we are legal children and we understand the law, not just talking ”, said Iqbal Maulana.

Finally, Plt. The Chairperson of the Islamic Criminal Law HMP, Aji Herlambang, expects a solution from the close party, especially from the Deputy Dean III, related to this unresolved problem.

“We demand that the party especially for the Deputy Dean III find a solution and hold a discussion forum related to this problem. The discussion forum must consist of the chairpersons of the institution and the Greater Election Commission, of course. The solution we offer is to create openness, lest this problem create a mindset that the poor democracy in the Faculty of Sharia and Law that we love, “he concluded. (Jalal).


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