GIAR Holds Public Discussion in the Beginning of 2020

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Banda Aceh – The Aceh Independent People’s Advocacy Movement (GIAR) held a public discussion on “Improving the People’s Economy through Mapping Regional Potential in Aceh Province” which was held at the 88 Lamdingin hotel on Wednesday (01/01/2020).

This public discussion was at the same time conducted with the inauguration of the Aceh Provincial People’s Independent Advocacy Movement (GIAR), and was also filled by great and exceptional speakers, such as Andi Harianto Sinulingga (National Figure), Teuku Munandar (Deputy Head of Bank Indonesia Aceh), Mohd Din (Deputy Chairperson of KADIN Aceh), Rizal Usman (Political & Development Observer) and Tafaul Rijal (Manager & Commission of PT. Solutions Bangun Andalas), and guided by a reliable moderator, Zulfata (Author of Agapolism Books).

In his inaugural address, Dedi Saputra explained that there was a public discussion because it was so that young people and students could understand how the economic statistics in Aceh would be in 2020 and what young people should do.

“What’s more this momentum at the beginning of 2020 we all have to start with good things and do what we normally do not at the beginning of the year,” concluded Dedi.

At the end of the public discussion, each speaker gave the final statement to close the discussion. Andi Harianto Sinulingga “Let us be independent and build our own business so that we are not tied to the government and do not trust the government” and Teuku Munandar “To eliminate the high poverty rate in Aceh, let’s do business starting with ourselves first” (R).


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