IRT and Reating Students are the Highest Victims of traffic accident 2019

Bireuen- At least 73 fatalities were recorded within 12 months in 2019 relating to traffic accidents in Bireuen District. That was revealed by the Bireuen Police Chief, AKBP Gugun Hardi Gunawan SIK M.Si, during the year-end Press Conference, at the local Gazebo Mapolres, Tuesday (31/12).

According to the Bireuen Police Chief, throughout 2019, at least 762 cases were then handled by his party. A total of 687 cases have been resolved, among them, 76 victims died, and as many as 1,049 victims suffered minor injuries, and 9 people were seriously injured. Of these cases, material losses were estimated at Rp. 349,400,000.

Bireuen Police Chief said, compared in terms of quantity, this traffic accident then had an increase compared to 2018, an increase of 506 cases or 197.66%. But, in terms of quality (fatality) victims of traffic accidents, has decreased dramatically. The number of victims who died, dropped 8.75 percent. While serious injuries fell to six victims or 40 percent, and minor injuries rose by 431 victims or 259.64 percent. “It must be known that in 2020, to get BPJS guarantees, every traffic victim must have a Bireuen Regional Police Traffic Report,” said AKBP Gugun.

It was explained, from the analysis and evaluation of the cases which then occurred, there were 370 aged 50-50 victims, 12-24 years old, 230 people.

“The highest ranking is dominated by housewives as many as 197 people and 159 students, and the highest traffic accident location is 124 cases in Peusangan District and 108 cases in Juang City,” explained Gugun Hardi Gunawan who was accompanied by the Bireuen Regional Police Headquarters, Iptu Sandy Titah Nugraha SIK .

In anticipation of the accident, the Bireuen Regional Police Traffic Unit will hold a socialization program at the beginning of 2020, as well as implement the Go to Emak – Emak and Plantas Go to School programs. Satlantas will portray mothers and students for the pioneers of road safety, “said the Bireuen Police Chief, AKBP Gugun Hardi Gunawan, SIK, M.Sc. (Juwaini / Maimun Mirdaz).


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