Jabodetabek flood victims reached 16 people

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Jakarta – Kapusdatinkom National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Agus Wibowo in a written statement in Jakarta, Thursday, said as many as 16 fatalities due to floods that hit the areas of Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Depok, and Bekasi (Greater Jakarta).

“In addition to causing damage, it also caused casualties. Until now the data that BNPB has collected are 16 people who died from flooding with the details of DKI Jakarta eight people, Bekasi City one person, Depok City three people, Bogor City one person, Bogor Regency one person, “The city of Tangerang is one person, and South Tangerang is one person,” Agus said.

For the Jakarta area, fatalities due to floods are M Ali (82) from Cipinang Melayu Kelurahan, East Jakarta (victims experiencing hypothermia), Siti Hawa (72) from Cipinang Melayu Kelurahan, East Jakarta (victims experiencing hypothermia), Willi Surahman from Cipinang Kelurahan Melayu, East Jakarta (victim experiencing hypothermia, Sutarmi (73) from Kramat Jati, East Jakarta (electrified), Agus (19) Duren Sawit, East Jakarta (drowned), Sanusi from Duren Sawit, East Jakarta (still in the process of searching), Arfiqo Alif (16) from Kemayoran, Central Jakarta (Electric Shock), and Yuda Irawan (29) from Pal Merah, West Jakarta (drowning).

Furthermore, fatalities in the city of Bekasi, namely Andika Pradika (14) from Rawa Lumbu District, Bekasi (drowned while playing in the gutter). Casualties in
Depok City namely Amelia Susanti (27), Cinere Subdistrict, Depok City (Victims buried by landslides), Lusinah (68) Cinere Subdistricts, Depok City (Victims buried by landslides), Nizam Saputra (8), Cinere Subdistricts (Depok victims) buried by landslides)
Death victim due to banji in Bogor namely Kusmiyati (30), from Tanah Sereal Bogor City (house of victims of landslides)
Furthermore, the death toll in Bogor Regency namely Marsdianto (20), Puri Citayam Permai Housing, Bogor Regency (the victim was dragged down by a flood current when the river that was right in front of his house broke the embankment).

In Tangerang City, Jamilah (55 years old), from Batu Ceper, Tangkot (electrocuted). Furthermore, Tangerang Selatan namely Teguh Taufik (36 years), Ciputat Baru Housing (electrocuted).

Agus stated that currently BNPB still continues to collect data from various sources and the possibility of increasing the number of victims.


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