Jakarta Floods, Anies Won’t Blame Anyone

Jakarta – DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan said that his office was ready to be responsible for handling floods that occurred in Jakarta. Anies asserted he did not want to blame anyone related to this flood.

“The DKI Provincial Government takes a responsible position for the problems that are now arising. We respond quickly, we help handle it. At the moment we do not want to blame anyone and anything now is the time to ensure that residents are safe and protected, “Anies said when met when observing the embankment on Jalan Latuharhari, Central Jakarta, as reported by Antara on Wednesday (1/1/2020).

According to him, the priority of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is evacuating people from flooding. So that there are no casualties due to high rainfall that flushed Jakarta since yesterday afternoon.

“I convey to the entire ranks of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government there is no mutual blame at this phase. No need to blame people in this phase. The priority now is that all Jakarta residents are saved, “Anies said.

Anies said, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government was on standby in the field. The provincial government also alerted office and school facilities to be prepared as refugee locations.

“All office and school facilities have been alerted to refugee camps. “Insyaallah everything was immediately handled well, all residents survived and were able to carry out their activities as before,” he said.

He hopes that the flood problem can be dealt with immediately. So that residents can undergo normal activities again.

“Report the needs especially for evacuation can be through number 112 (please be patient at this time of long telephone lines) or directly to the local village if it is closer / easier,” he said.

Until 16:00 WIB, Anies said there were around 19 thousand residents who had fled at several points. Most refugees are in East Jakarta.

“The most refugee point is in East Jakarta, there are 9,488 refugees, South Jakarta 5,080, along Grogol and Pesangrahan River, where many areas are submerged, then West Jakarta 3,535 people are displaced, North Jakarta 888 people, North Jakarta 310 people, total 19,709 refugees, and this handled by the ranks of the Provincial Government, “Anies said at the Monas Field, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (01/01/2020).

Anies said 4 people died as a result of this disaster. Anies hopes there will be no more victims.

“So far there have been 4 confirmed deaths, 2 in East Jakarta, 1 Central Jakarta, and 1 South Jakarta. Hopefully the numbers will not increase and we will ensure that all medical services are working in all regions, “he said.

Anies added, the rain in Jakarta had stopped and waited for the water to recede. But Anies reminded residents to be vigilant, because the water from Katulampa Dam is predicted to arrive at 18:00 WIB.

“There is one thing that is important for the water to recede in total monitoring sea level. Because some locations downstream from the river can be 3 meters lower than the sea level. An hour ago the sea level was 187 cm, which is safe 160 cm now at low tide. The position of hope is that the water can flow to the estuary quickly, then the floodgates are controlled as soon as possible as the water can recede in all regions. Jakarta has a total of 470 flood points, there are small flood points, there are also extensive flood points, “he said. (deco)


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