Nagan Raya Regional Police must be able to achieve the title of service without corruption in 2020

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Suka Makmue – National Police Chief Nagan Raya, Aceh Province, AKBP H Giyarto SIK said police agencies in this area must be able to achieve the title of clean corruption-free serving area (WBK-BM) in 2020 from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia.

“This is a target that must be achieved this year, so that legal services to the people in Nagan Raya, Aceh will be even better in the future,” said Giyarto Police Chief, Wednesday.

According to him, the performance achievement without corruption must be done so that police services to the community can be realized well while increasing public confidence in the Polri institutions.

Not only that, the achievement that must be done this year, said the Police Chief Giyarto, namely improving good cooperation and partnership relations between the local government with the police, prosecutors, military and other government agencies.

This is needed in order to create a partnership between government agencies, so that any investment that will enter the region, can run well and smoothly.

It also focuses on improving the development of human resources (HR) at the Nagan Raya Police Station, so that every service to the community runs better.

“In the future, we also have to increase superior human resources (HR), so that police services can have integrity (trusted),” he said.(red)


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