Person of Aceh Jaya DPRK Members Reported to Aceh Regional Police on Pornography Cases

Banda Aceh – The Aceh People’s Advocacy Foundation (YARA) reported that members of the Aceh Jaya DPRK had the initials AI to the Aceh Regional Police Direskrimsus, for allegedly disturbing the harmony of other people’s households.

The report was made on Tuesday 31 December 2019 with report number STTLP / 286 / XII / YAN.2.5 / 2019 SPKT.

“We report the Aceh Jaya board member to the Reskrimsus Director of the Aceh Regional Police for disturbing our client’s household,” YARA Secretary Fahkrurrazi SH told the Media, Wednesday 1 January 2020.

When making a report to the Aceh Regional Police, Fakrurrazi was accompanied by YARA’s Director of Information and Documentation Management, Muhammad Zubir, SH and YARA’s Paralegal Director, Muzakir AR, SH.

Fakrurrazi explained that the Aceh Jaya DPRK members who were reported were from the national party for the 2019-2024 term that had just been elected in the 2019 Pileg last.

“Our client and his wife are the timses of the board members. Our client feels very disadvantaged due to pornographic actions by members of the DPRK, which has resulted in the destruction of our client’s household after being sued for divorce from his wife, “said Fakhrurrazi.

“It was because of this unpleasant act that we reported the alleged perpetrators to the Aceh Regional Police, and hoped that this case could be resolved by the police, in order to realize a sense of justice,” he said.

Furthermore, YARA’s Director of Information and Documentation Management, Muhammad Zubir SH explained, based on digital evidence obtained by his client, the member of the council without the right to ask his wife to send naked pictures and other embarrassing nude pictures to satisfy the lust of the Aceh Jaya council.

“The perpetrators of these depraved persons have long been found out by our clients, but in order to maintain their household, our clients have only warned the person of the council and have made peace. But it turns out that the person has taken another porn action with our client’s wife, so that his wife dared to sue for divorce and now our client’s household is in a mess, ”explained Zubir.

Muhammad Zubir also revealed, YARA will report the immoral acts of the Aceh Jaya DPRK member to the Aceh Jaya Council Honorary Council (MKD) and the related party’s DPD.

“Later we will deliver the letter to MKD and DPD related parties, because in addition to disrupting other people’s households, this is also an act of violating Islamic law,” Muhammad Zubir stressed closing his statement (Team)


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