Senator from Aceh: Special Autonomy Fund Project Becomes Mud

PEUREULAK-Hundreds of billions of rupiah in special autonomy funds (Otsus) poured out by the Government of Aceh, to finance road construction projects in the interior of East Aceh, were found to be mere mud.

As stated by DPD RI member, M Fadhil Rahmi Lc to Media after visiting Peunaron District, last Tuesday (12/31). The senator from Aceh admitted that he was very concerned to see this condition. The reason is, despite having drained the budget of nearly two hundred billion more, the road project has not seen any signs of improvement.

In fact, the road project that was built since 2018, and continued this year with a value of Rp 120 billion and in 2020 amounting to Rp 89 billion, is planned to go through to the border of Gayo Lues Regency.

“I got information and complaints from Peunaron residents, that not yet a year the physical work project was carried out, now the road section has been badly damaged. Then, I tried to go down to see firsthand. It turns out that it is really very alarming, this condition must be immediately evaluated by the Aceh Government together with its DPRA colleagues, “he told the media.

The situation also said, occurred in the border area of ​​Peunaron-Peureulak District. According to the monitoring of the senator of the Republic of Indonesia, in addition to being flooded with mud the road body also appeared to have collapsed, making it very dangerous for passers who passed through the lane. Therefore, serious attention and handling is urgently needed from the government.

“We request that the Aceh Government, to immediately dispatch a team to conduct an evaluation, so as not to fall victim. Because this pathway is the economic artery of rural communities, such as Peunaron, Serba Jadi, Rantau Peureulak and surrounding areas, “said Fadhil Rahmi.

He urged the government’s serious attitude, especially the Government of Aceh in supervising the implementation of this development project, so that the work can be useful and have quality. Because, the improvement of rural infrastructure facilities, needs to be resolved according to targets and planning, in the interests of the wider community. (Bahrul)


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