Stunting Socialization Held at Sampoi Ajad Village

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Bireuen – Meunasah Sampoi Ajad Village, Jeunieb District, Bireuen District held a socialization of stunting changes, the event was officially sponsored by the local sub-district head, M Yusuf, S.Sos, last Friday.

Head of Jeunieb Sub-district, M Yusuf, S. Sos, quoted from 43 villages in his sub-district, only six villages carried out socialization on stunting prevention. The remaining 37 villages have not yet implemented a national program with various discussions.

It was said, in addition to socialization at the District level it was too late at the level, there were also several village heads who said the budget from the Village Fund source had been drained to another post. Of course, this is an agreement for all of these villages, so socialization has not yet been carried out for all villages. “However, it is regulated in Aceh Governor Regulation No. 14 of 2019 concerning prevention and handling of integrated stunting in Aceh, “said M Yusuf.

While the speaker, Nurse Kafrawi, S.Kep, M.Kes, discussed the socialization against stunting to support and prevent the birth of dwarf humans, which is hoped that through this socialization, the community can help increase consumption of nutritious food, for pregnant women to give birth to babies and fetuses in the womb , and mothers who are breastfeeding, as well as for toddlers.

Meanwhile, Geuchiek Sampoi Ajad Village, Zakaria who was accompanied by Village Facilitator, Fadhli said, besides holding a socialization against stunting on the same day, it also supported awards and healthy packages for pregnant women, Ms. Meunyusui and also the mother who brought her toddler.

In connection with the stunting socialization program in the village of Sampoi Ajad in 2020, it will allocate 10 percent of the APBG funds for the program, which is intended for plots in health posts. “Regarding the community latrine facilities and the needs of Posyandu maids, as well as other health programs,” concluded Geuchiek Zakaria. (Juwaini / Maimun MIrdaz)


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