Support Aceh Circular Governor, Senator: Aceh Must Enter Aqidah Ahlusunnah

JAKARTA | Regarding the Circular Letter of the Acting Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah regarding the prohibition of following the recitation in addition to the ahlussunnah waljamaah’s intention derived from the Syafiiyah school of law. DPD Senator from Aceh, H. Fachrul Razi, MIP fully supports the circular.

Senator Fachrul Razi said loudly and firmly that Aceh was obliged to apply the faith of ahlusunnah waljamah.

“In Aceh the ahlussunnah waljamaah must have a faith that is sourced from the Syafiiyah school of law,” the Senator said Wednesday (1/1/2020) through a press release.

Previously, the Acting Governor of Aceh circular was issued on December 13, 2019 in Banda Aceh under number 450/21770. The letter was sent to Regents / Mayors in Aceh, SKPA heads, and ministries / non Ministries of the Aceh Government.

According to Fachrul Razi, Ahlusunnah wal Jama’ah itself is an aqeedah that makes the Messenger of Allah and his companions a role model. Aceh Wealth Because it is applied to the Meukuta Alam Alsyi Qanun which requires Aceh to have the ahlussunnah waljamaah originating from the Syafiiyah school of law.

“In Aceh’s past, if another flow entered Aceh, the legitimacy of the Sultan of Aceh would be lost. Therefore, the requirements for Aceh’s progress, ahlussunnah waljamaah, which are sourced from the Syafiiyah school of law, must be applied, “he stressed.

He asked not only in the form of “circular”. But also the Government of Aceh in order to be able to prepare the Qanun for the application of ahlussunnah waljamaah sourced from the Syafiiyah school of law as law in Aceh.

“Everything has been regulated in the Helsinki MoU and the LoGA, referring only to the Helsinkin MoU point 1.1.6 which explains the Acehnese Kanun will be rearranged for Aceh by respecting the historical traditions and customs of the people of Aceh and reflecting the current legal needs of Aceh. and UUPA article 13 paragraph 1, Article 16 paragraph 2, Article 17 paragraph 2, Article 42 paragraph 1, Article 44 paragraph 1, Article 125-133, “explained Fachrul Razi.

Fachrul Razi also added that, the central government has recognized the privilege of Aceh to apply Islam as a specificity as the 1945 Constitution article 18B, and acknowledged Aceh’s high struggle in independence during the period stemmed from a view of life based on Islamic sharia which gave birth to a strong Islamic culture.

“So that Aceh becomes a capital area for the struggle in seizing and maintaining the independence of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

Previously, this Senator supported the statement of Aceh Tu Sop Ulama. The Senator strengthened by asking all the people of Aceh to be expected to obey the Acehnese leaders as long as their policies were for the good.

“Because, Allah SWT Himself commands us to obey Allah, His Messenger and the leaders (Ulil Amri),” he concluded. (rill)


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