The Aceh government must handle the erosion of the Peuribu Bridge this year

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Meulaboh – Member of the Aceh Provincial Representative Council (DPRA) Teuku Raja Keumangan urged the Aceh Government to handle the erosion of the Peuribu Bridge, Arongan Lambalek District, West Aceh Regency, which is now increasingly eroded.

“I have conveyed it in the DPRA plenary meeting, that the West Aceh Peuribu Bridge issue will be dealt with as soon as possible in 2020,” Teuku Raja Keumangan said, Wednesday.

According to him, the steel frame bridge of around 200 meters is located in the crossroad south west of Aceh, and is a busy lane and is mostly crossed by road users from various districts / cities in Aceh.

At present, he said, the erosion that hit the buffer of the Peuribu Steel Frame Bridge, Arongan Lambalek, West Aceh was very alarming because when it rained heavily, the bridge buffer section was increasingly eroded.

If this problem is not dealt with immediately this year, he is worried that people in the south west coast of Aceh will be cut off by land transportation access, and will certainly disrupt the economy of the people of Aceh.

“Don’t let the bridge collapse, then it will be handled, for what else,” Teuku Raja Keumangan added.

He acknowledged this issue would be a priority for completion of its construction this year, and urged the Aceh Government through related institutions and the Aceh River Basin, so that this issue was dealt with quickly and immediately because it was very urgent and needed by the wider community, he said.


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