Washing Hands Behind the Breaking of Regional Financial Governance

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ACEH TAMIANG – There is a dilapidated cohesion behind the financial management of the Government of Aceh Tamiang Regency, Aceh. Financial dehydration is reflected in a total of 14 project packages from the 2019 budget year Development and Expenditure Budget (APBK).

The Anemers from implementing the work activity screamed, because billions of rupiahs from the proceeds of the project tender process were not paid by the Aceh Tamiang District Government.

Mutual justification often wants to defend, on the contrary it becomes trapped systemically in the Regional Financial and Asset Management Revenue Service (DPPKAD) so the black record of poor financial system management seems unprofessional.

The devisit of the oil and gas Production Sharing Fund (DBH) budget between the Center and Aceh, became a scapegoat covering the depravity. To be impressed, the center is indeed wrong and justifies the region.

While the Republic of Indonesia Supreme Audit Board (BPK) gave awards for Regional Financial Management through the title of Fair without Exception (WTP).

Today the people of Aceh Tamiang are shown an unsightly drama, over the shameful events of the area. What actually happened, read atjehdaily.id search.

# Defending Ala DPPKAD

Because of the devisit of the central financial balance budget (Jakarta) and the region (Aceh), the Government of Aceh Tamiang Regency was unable to pay for 14 project work packages in DGH.

As a result, the Anemers in the district felt aggrieved and very disappointed with the performance of the local government, because they were considered unprofessional.

The inability to pay for the work of the project package was recognized by the Head of the Regional Financial and Asset Management (DPPKAD) Revenue Service, Yusriati, SE, M.Sc, Ak, CA, through BUD’s attorney to the local DPPKAD, Three Eka Indra Bakti.

Given the oil and gas revenue sharing fund between the center and Aceh, it did not reach the target as expected. As is being experienced by the district of Aceh Tamiang, so that its achievements experienced devisit.

“We only received the incident from Jakarta on December 3, 2019. Budgeting for the revenue sharing fund in 2019 was Rp 116,874,880,000. While the total distribution only reached IDR 77,487,771,250, resulting in a cash shortage of IDR 39,387,108,750. And this is what made the 14 projects could not be paid for, because there was no money in the school anymore. However, we will complete the payment at the 2020 APBK-P, “explained Indra.

# Anemer disappointed

Meanwhile, atjehdaily.id launched from the Anemer that; since the founding of the Government of Aceh Tamiang Regency (launched from East Aceh District, 2002), it was only the local Pemekab, under the leadership of Regent H. Mursil, the project money belonging to a number of partners (contractors) who completed the Aceh Tamiang Regency Revenue Budget (APBK) project, in 2019, could not be paid by the Regional Office of Regional Financial Assets and Asset Management (DPPKAD).

“There are 14 Aceh Tamiang APBK tender project packages, in 2019, in the Binamarga section of the Public Works and Public Housing Offices (PUPR) undertaken by a number of partners (contractors) that cannot be paid by the local DPPKAD Office. Where the money is, we don’t know either, “one of the partners who did not want to be named in Karang Baru, Monday, December 29, 2019, who claimed that the two tender projects he had finished working on were not paid by the DPPKAD.

The partner added, the two project packages he worked on had a total budget of Rp 1.7 billion. As a result of this, the associate continued, he felt aggrieved both morally and materially, thus impacting on the loss of employee confidence and disruption of financial management in his company.

“Morally disadvantaged, because many salaries of workers that I have not paid, so I am ashamed of the workers. Materially damaged, yes, of course, the amount of capital I spent was not yet returned. So that the financial management in my company becomes unhealthy, “he complained.

Other partners who also do not want to be named and have the same fate, on average they regret the incident. In fact, it is considered very unprofessional local district government in managing regional financial management. “This problem first occurred since Aceh Tamiang became a regency. And that happened to the leadership of Regent Mursil. This is quite bad, “said Anemer.

For the irregularity, he and other partners wanted to file a lawsuit, and asked the local district government to immediately pay the project money that they had finished working on.

“Even though we have been given a breath of fresh air, that the project work that we have completed was paid to the APBK – P in 2020, and asked us to be patient, for us, it is still not the best solution, because it is our right that they must pay in the same budget year, not paid in the upcoming 2020 budget, “he said.

What is clear, continued the partner, when the project has been tendered, there is also a work contract to work on the project, even there is payment of the First Fund (DP) of the project, meaning that the budget to pay for the completion of the project is certainly there.

However, when it was stated that there was no money for this, the reason was that the regional revenue-sharing fund from the Central Government (Jakarta) was not reached or was deviated. “For us that reason does not make sense. If it is devisit, why are the 14 packages that cannot be paid tendered. This isn’t right. This issue seems to have deceived the partners, “he said irritably.

# Two DPPKAD Officials Are Different Opinions

While the Head of Budget in DPPKAD, Diva Syahbuana said; the results are paradoxical to what the BUD’s Attorney in DPPKAD Three Indra Eka Bhakti said about the difference in underpayment.

This is what Diva said; several things have happened so there was a reduction in the budget in activities and the postponement of the work package was caused by the DBH not being channeled by the Central Government.

He said, In accordance with the letter of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia number: 153 / pmk.07 / 2018 concerning changes in the details of profit sharing funds and underpayment in 2018, with the amount of budget that has not been channeled amounting to Rp.22,389,411,022.

Of the total Aceh Tamiang District Budget (APBK) in 2019 amounting to Rp. 1,315,250,882, then to cover the lack of budget that has not been distributed, the Regional Government (Pemda) must rationalize several activities and works.

Diva added, Aceh Tamiang Regency Government has twice sent a letter to the Directorate General (Director General) of the Ministry of Finance’s Fiscal Balance in Jakarta, which contains the question of certainty about receiving underpaid funds.

As of 2014 to 2018 the underpaid DBH has not been distributed, while the Aceh Tamiang Regional Government has added the budget to the 2019 APBK, but because the funds have not yet been transferred, everything must be adjusted according to the existing finances.

# Chairperson of Atam DPRK, Regional Government Must Pay

Regarding the non-payment of a number of tender packages at the Aceh Tamiang Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Office, the Chair of the local District Representative Council (DPRK) spoke up.

“The work that has been auctioned and which has been completed is done by the partner. mandatory and must be immediately paid to partners, “said Suprianto, Chairperson of the Aceh Tamiang Regency People’s Representative Council (DPRK).

Suprianto added, the work that had been completed and finished the administration of the delivery must be immediately paid to the partners. “That is the right of partners, so our obligation must be done to fulfill their rights,” he said.

According to him in the near future his party will summon the BUD Authorization to be able to provide an explanation of the non-payment of a number of packages. “God willing, next week we will call the parties concerned about not paying a number of these packages,” he said. (Syawaluddin).


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